For renters using a major credit card we require valid driver's license, and there will be a hold of $150 deposit on the card.
For renters using CASH we require valid driver's license, proof of residency, current pay stub, two references and the deposit starts at a minimum of $300, but varies based off the information you provide and the vehicle you rent.
All Renters require full coverage insurance. We require the policy number that matches the name of the renter. For renters who do not have full coverage insurance we offer full coverage for $21.00 per day.
For renters using major credit cards the deposit transaction is ran as an authorization only.
The deposit will automatically fall off within 5 business days after returning the vehicle.

Any incidental charges, to include but not limited to:
Smoking, pets, damage, windshield cracks, or car not being returned on time, will be deducted prior to deposit before being refunded. If the charges are in excess of your deposit you are responsible for the remaining balance
We reserve the right to charge the credit card on file for charges in excess of your deposit.
Credit card refunds also depend on your banking institution. Deposits are released on the day of the return, or next business day if returned after hours. Banking institutions vary when those funds become available.

For renters using cash, the deposit will be refunded in the form of a corporate check 10 business days after returning the vehicle. The customer has the option to either pick it up from one of our locations or have it mailed to them. Refund checks that are lost or reissued are subject to a cancel check fee.
Our rules are as follows:
1. The vehicle is only permitted to be used in the state of California NO EXCEPTIONS.
2. The vehicle can only be driven by the individual (s) deemed authorized on the rental contract NO EXCEPTIONS.
3. Vehicle must be returned to rental location upon arrival date & time unless the rental contract is extended, otherwise, an extra daily rental fee will be incurred.
4. Vehicle is limited to 150 miles per 24-hour period; excess mileage will be charged $0.39 per mile. This fee does not apply to the “Rentee” if “Rentee” is an airport arriving customer.
5. Vehicles must be returned with the same level of fuel at time of rental, or there will be $6.99/gallon charge to replace the fuel.
6. Rental Agents will periodically reach out to customers to confirm satisfaction, verify return time, or discuss any unpaid charges. 
7. There is a $175.00 fee for each damaged rim.
8. Vehicles that are returned excessively dirty, pet hair, and excessive food/ beverage stains will incur a cleaning fee of $175.00. Vehicle MUST be returned in the same condition upon departure.
9. All traffic violations, including but not limited to Parking, Toll Road, Speeding, etc. will be your responsibility. Each violation received is charged an administration fee of $75.00.
10. NO ANIMALS are permitted in the vehicle at any time due to potential allergies with other customers. If evidence of animals are found in returning vehicle, a $185.00 animal cleaning fee will be charged.
11. There is a $250.00 replacement fee for any missing floor-mats or trunk-mats.
12. Cash rental advance payment will be returned in a form of a corporate check no sooner than (10) business days.
13. Debit/Credit rental advance payment will be refunded back on the card used no sooner than (7-10) business days.
14. There is NO SMOKING in the vehicle at any time NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be a minimum of $300.00 fee if the vehicle is smoked in at any time while in your possession.
15. Vehicles have a 1 hour grace period for return. Return time will match time of pickup on return day. For example, customer picks up vehicle at 11:59 a.m. the return time will also be 11:59 a.m. on the return day. A $15.99 late fee will be applied per hour after the grace period. After 2 hours an extra daily fee will be applied. If the vehicle cannot be returned on time please call to discuss available options.
16. Although mistakes happen, disputes of valid charges will incur a $75.00 administrative fee and be deducted from the rental advance payment or charged to any card(s) on file.
So Cal Car Rental is committed to providing a safe, clean fleet for our customers and employees. In order to better deliver on this commitment, all So Cal Car Rental vehicles are non-smoking. All vehicle occupants must refrain from smoking in the vehicle at all times.

When receiving a vehicle, inspect it before leaving the rental location to ensure it is smoke-free. If evidence of smoking is found at the time of rental, notify a member of the So Cal Car Rental staff.

A $300 cleaning fee will be assessed for vehicles returned with evidence of smoking. De-smoking requires a vehicle be taken out of service for up to 24-hours so it can be cleaned with a natural deodorizer and an oxidation process.

To determine if a vehicle has been smoked in a So Cal Car Rental employee must either: 
  • Witness the customer smoking in a vehicle, or
  • Find evidence of smoking, such as ashes, cigarette butts or burns, or
  • Smell smoke within the vehicle.
To Request a receipt, please email It may take up to 7 business days after the vehicle is returned before the final receipt is available. Receipts are only available for 6 months from the date the car was returned. Rentals on company account Charge Cards may require a driver's license for retrieval. Receipts will only be available to the renter that was on contract found using a driver's license. If it has been at least 7 days from when you returned, please feel free to contact our office 855-442-8454 EXT x3. So Cal Car Rental may require a driver's license for retrieval of renters information.
For returning a vehicle after hours, see below for the return rules for each location.

We allow after hours returns at our Airport locations (John Wayne and Ontario). Our Riverside location requires that their rental vehicles be returned during normal business hours. 
John Wayne location 
Please, leave the key in the drop box. 
Ontario location
Please, leave the key with the front desk. 

Please Note: Vehicles should be returned to the same location where picked up unless prior arrangements have been made with the original renting location. Also, all vehicles that are returned after hours will not be checked in until the next business day. If returning after hours when a location is closed, the customer is responsible for the vehicle until the satisfactory check in of the rental vehicle the next business day.
In case of an accident, first make sure you're safe, away from traffic. Next, proceed to contact the police and file an accident report. Any accidents involving bodily injury must be reported to the police in the community in which it occurred. If another party is involved in the accident, please ensure that the other party's contact information is included in the accident report and kept for your personal reference because that information will be required to complete our accident report form. Email the completed form to
For our Airport arrivals we do offer a free shuttle from the airport to the location. For all other customers, we will pick up within a 5 miles radius of the location. 

Please note, non-airport arrivals requesting pick up service could be subject to a pick up fee.
Yes, we do allow additional drivers as long as they meet the following criteria:
All additional drivers must:
1. Meet all age requirements, appear at the rental counter with the primary renter, present a valid driver's license
An additional daily fee may apply for additional drivers.
2. There is a $10.00 per day per additional driver and applies to any additional driver except the following:  a spouse or domestic partner (either same or opposite sex), or for one surrogate driver for a mobility impaired renter who meets the location's rental requirements.
Note: State law in California allows a spouse to be an automatic authorized driver provided they meet minimum age and driver's license requirements.