Here at So Cal Car Rental, we maintain newer vehicles in our fleet, most equipped with Bluetooth, Auxiliary and USB capabilities, along with back up cameras, as well.

Great Rates

We offer competitive rates and manager specials. You can rent by the day, the week, or even monthly. Ask about our special corporate account options!

No hidden costs

All of our pricing is upfront with no surprises. 

Additional Fees apply for the following:
  • Renter's Collision Protection (Liability Insurance Coverage) - $21.99/Day
  • Damage Deductible Waiver (Full Insurance Coverage) - $10.98/Day
  • Windsheild Damage Waiver - $2.99
  • Underage Fee (18-21) - $45.99
  • Underage Fee (22-25) - $15.99
  • Unlimited Mileage - $10/Day
  • Location Transfer Fee (Pick up at one location, drop off at another) - $45
  • Toll Road Evasion or Parking Tickets - $75/Violation received via mail
  • Pet Hair Removal Fee - $300
  • Smoking Fee - $300

Easy Booking

Book online, as a walk in, or over the phone. Specific vehicles may not be available, however we will do our best to meet your rental needs.

Only clean and reliable vehicles

All of our rental cars are newer models and receive regular maintenance. We check our fleet everyday to make sure they are safe and reliable for your travel needs.

Many Extras Available

Many of our rental cars have some pretty advanced features. These include Bluetooth, Car play, and Backup Cameras. We also can offer child safety seats and many other options should you need them.